Civil ID Status Procedure to Apply

Civil ID Status Procedure to Apply

Here we will see in detail about civil id of Kuwait Individuals. Here we will see what is the procedure for less than 18 years old peoples and greater than 18 old years.

So you can see in detail all the aspects of civil id status and also we will discussed Questions of people about Kuwait. So this will be helpful article for you to see detail of civil id status and something more about this.

Civil ID Status Procedure to Apply

Civil ID Status Procedure to Apply

Civil ID Status Procedure to Apply

Paci Kuwait is identity card of Kuwait and here we will discuss in detail about paci Kuwait.  We will discuss how to check paci Kuwait detail. And also we will try to discuss how people can update their paci Kuwait. Paci Kuwait is compulsory argument which is very import for all people who are living in Kuwait.

Civil ID Renewal of Kuwait Individuals

You can easily renew your Kuwait individuals easily and there is not a difficulty to renew this civil id card. You can easily done this job the people who are not 18 years old they can not renew personally and the people who are 18 years old or greater than this they can personally renew their card. And for more detail about this see in detail below.

Civil ID Civil ID Renewal Less than 18 Years

Civil ID Renewal For Kuwait Individuals this service allows Kuwaiti individuals with expired ID cards only to renew their Civil ID Card. And Applicants who have less the age form 18 years they can renew their civil id cards through the mobile or through internet online and another option is that they can renew this civil id card through their parents. Applicants who reached 10 years old or older must provide a personal photo.

Civil ID Renewal Equal to or Greater than 18 Years

And applicants who have age 18 years or above 18 years they can renew their card personally. And if they want to renew through phone they can renew and if they want to renew online they can renew their civil id card online and if they want they can renew through their parents. And the applicants must provide a personal photo and if they do not have scanned photo already. Renewal Procedure

Required Documents for This Purpose

  • Nationality certificate and a Copy of this certificate
  • To bring original nationality Certificate and then submit 2 copies of this certificate first in 1st page and 2nd on last page.
  • Colored photo (4 × 6 cm)
  • Note photo must take without eyeglasses
  • Face length must be in range from 2:2 to 2:5 cm in the center of the photo
  • Don’t take photo in Military Uniform which you Submit
  • Photo should not take for face profile
  • Photo background color should not affect the clarity of photo
  • Original Civil Id
  • Envelop
  • Power of attorney from the Ministry of Justice, in case the applicant does not attend in person

Procedure Civil ID of Kuwait Individuals

There are two categories of This Civil Id of Kuwait Individuals first for less than 18 years old people and second is for older than 18 years old people. Lets see in detail about these both categories:

Procedure For 18 or Greater Than 18 Year old

First of all if you are 18 Year old you can personally visit (PACI) the Public Authority of Civil Information Headquarters at Zahra, ground floor, Citizens’ Office and you can submit your required documents and also you can renew your card through one of your parents. And also you can done this job over phone or online method.

Procedure For Less than 18 Year old

If you are less than 18 years old you can renew your card with one of your parent or through phone or online system. And if you are 10 years old you must need to provide personal photo.

  • And then these both fill the services form
  • And pay the fee
  • Receive your new card at the Public Authority of Civil Information Headquarters, Zahra, first floor, Checkers’ Building, Reception Hall


People Questions

How many days it will take to get civil ID in Kuwait?

The Residents are required to apply civil identity card in 30 days for receiving their residency visa. This process takes about 10 days and then paci issued this card.

What is the meaning of civil ID?

Civil id is a identity document of Kuwait. This document is very important and compulsory for those people who are living in this  country. This is not only compulsory for other people who are not a part of this country means citizen but this is also compulsory for those people who are citizen of kuwait.

What is the meaning of civil id card?

People asked question about civil id card lets come and see in detail about this civil id card. This is very simple this is identity card for those people who are living in Kuwait.

How safe is Kuwait?

Kuwait is very safe place for traveler and they can come and enjoy Kuwait. This is safe place and we can say that this is place of less crime rates. And therefore this is good place for foreigner to come and enjoy Kuwait beautiful places.

Is Kuwait rich or poor?

People also searched about Kuwait means Kuwait is a poor or rich country. This is superb question and I informed you that Kuwait is rich country. Kuwait Is at 4 number in the world in the list of richest countries list by per capita. And Kuwait is on send number richest GCC country per capita. So this shows this is rich country in the word and have place or value in the world.

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