Kuwait Driving License – Renewal Procedure

Kuwait Driving License

A driving license is very important if you have a Vehicle. Because without a driving license, the country does not allow you to drive. Every country has its own rules.

And then these rules will be implement on you if you have not a driving license and you will drive a vehicle. So it is compulsory for all people to get Vehicle license before driving.

Kuwait Driving License

Kuwait Driving License

Kuwait Driving License.

Kuwait has its own rules, which are slightly different than the other country of the world. And the penalties of violations these rules are also different, So if you do not have a driving license, then don’t even think about driving. Otherwise, you will not get anything other than to worry that the rules of the law will do you a lot of harm.

Therefore you must keep update your driving license then you can save yourself from any type of traffic Violation. That’s why the Kuwaiti government has suggested a very easy way to upgrade a driving license. You only have to follow a few rules. In this article we will talk about it in detail and see the full method۔

Traffic Rules In Kuwait

We have already discussed in detail how Kuwait imposes fines if it violates any law specially when people violate Traffic Rules. And you will also be able to see here in detail how to get your driving license updated. the government of Kuwait take very strict action any type of violation. Lets see in detail about the traffic rules that are implement inn Kuwait.

  • First off all driving license is very important for all of you to drive any type of vehicle in the road. With out driving license you can not drive and you will pay high rate of fine if you violate rule and drive a vehicle without license.
  • Drive vehicle on the right side of the road, So this is important for you to follow this rule and then drive right side of the road.
  • driver and the passenger in front seat must wear seat belt on the roads when driving vehicle.
  • Don’s use mobile phone in driving otherwise you will face a big fine violation of rule.
  • The minimum age of driver must be 18 years old or older then 18 year. Then you can drive a vehicle.
  • children under 10 years old age can not set in the front of vehicle

Check Driving License

In the above we have fully discuss about the value of driving license and the Penalty of violation. Now we will discussed how to check detail about driving license. for this you need to read this information carefully and with proper detail.

You must go the govt website and verify your license and here you can check your status about validity.

Kuwait Driving License – Renewal Procedure

Not only Kuwait people but outsiders can also renew their driving license with the process of this which we are going to discuss here in detail.


First of all your driving License must be Expired. Then you can renew your license.

Require Documents

  • Which document are required to apply for Driving License renewal.
  • You need a Original civil Id and one copy of your Civil Id card
  • one passport size photo need for this procedure of renew Driving License
  • And Your Expired License is also required for this purpose.

These are the requirement document for the Renewal process of Driving License.

Procedure for Renewal

After this come and see in detail about the procedure for Driving License renewal. Procedure is also very easy and simple lets see in steps.

  • First of all you need to Visit the General Traffic Department concerned and then  submit the required documents which we have discussed above
  • And fill a form which will be given to you
  • Pay fee of your driving License Renewal

keep in mind that All applicants for private driving license who are older than 70 years old, and applicants for public driving license who are older than 60 years old must have the medical check up again. This is very important information for you to take check up again if you are older then the criteria given here. You can read in detail about renewal, Visit Renewal Process Of Driving License

For more detail about civil id Status you need to click on this link. Civil ID Status home page and also MOI information in detail.

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