Check Traffic Fine and Challan Status Vehicle Online

Kuwait Driving License.jpg

If you have a problem with your driving license, you can easily check for a solution.its means that if you have doubt about fine on your vehicle than you can check this online.

This is a big achievement from Kuwait government to introduce online process to check your traffic fine. Here we will discuss in detail about to check fine.

Check Traffic Fine  On Civil ID Online

Kuwait Driving License.jpg

Kuwait Driving License.

Lets come and see in detail about how to check online traffic fine. For this purpose you need to follow these steps and instructions to check about fine. First of all you need to

Visit this link means click here and new window will be appear and you you need to then see these steps.

  • First of all when you will click on above lick a new window will be open
  • next there will be tow types one for Traffic and Second for immigration.
  • Select Traffic
  • And after selecting type traffic you need to enter your number.
  • After this you need to fill captcha
  • Then a message will appear that if you have fine amount will be written
  • And if you will have no fine amount will be written 0

Through this process you can check your traffic fine easily online without any tension. And this process is not difficult every one can check easily.

And for this purpose there is not a need any type of skill to check this online. Its means that there is not a need education, You can done this in just short period of time easily.

Check Immigration Fine Online

And come and see in detail about how to check Immigration Fine Online. You can check your immigration fine easily for this purpose visit


this link then a new window will be appear and you need to select immigration and then enter you visa or Residency and then inter number.

After this you will receive a message about immigration fine. How this process is easy.

Check Traffic Fine  On Vehicle Online

You can check online your vehicle fine through online system using this method which we have discussed in above of this paragraph. You just need to follow that steps carefully which are given above. This is very easy way to check online fine of your vehicle easily.



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